Check Out Tiffany Taylor’s Stunning Playmate Xtra Shoot

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aldo-vallon - March 2, 2018

Where exactly did this photo shoot take place? Because it looks like it is inside an antique shop. It has been my experience that they frown upon shoppers climbing on the furniture. Under normal circumstances, I would dismiss this as one other thing that an attractive woman can get away with while the rest of us elephant man lookalikes are forced to play by the rules.

That exception is usually only due to a young man working behind that counter, though, and that is rarely the case in regards to antique shops. Those are usually staffed by recently retired women who do not take too kindly to hot harlots acting like they own the place, even if they are naked. They always yell something about damaging the merchandise and that I will have to pay for that, which I have never understood. Why would I have to pay for something that is now broken? And no, I do not think it matters that I was the one to break it because they should not have allowed me to touch it if it was so fragile. That is just bad business sense.


Photo Credit: Playboy Plus