Chelsea Handler Topless and Natalie Portman Bottomless in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 30, 2016

Oscars may be so white, but Mr. Skin and his compatriots of flesh loving movie researchers are so prurient. Hashtag that. I'm saving my own for marriage. Skin on camera knows no race or religion or geographic origin, just various levels of hotness. And as always, Mr. Skin has plenty of that for you in the sixty second wrap up of the best of the chest available on the big and little screen. 

Don't be a square. Be a circle. Like a stellar funbag. With your own personal membership to Mr. Skin. Discounted for EgoReaders.

This week's Mr. Skin Minute includes Natalie Portman not naked in the newly released Jane Got a Gun, but definitely bare and asstastic in Hotel Chevalier, Chantley Lorraine Ward naked making the sexy in Spike Lee's Chi-Raq now out on Blu-Ray, and now on Netlfix streaming, Chelsea Handler topless in public in her documentary series, Chelsea Does. It's a a heavy dose of the funbags every doctor would recommend for the winter time blues. Take a double dose, it never hurts. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin Minute