Chelsea Handler Topless Peeks from Her Show

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michael-garcia - August 19, 2016

Chelsea Handler goes topless again for a schvitz in her show Chelsea on Netflix. I've had a platza at a Russian bathhouse before too. Basically they have you strip down and smack you with branches dipped in soap. Of course when I went there were no women with fabulous ta-tas like Chelsea there. It was all hairy Russian dudes that were probably in the mob. These pics are much better. Chelsea has a penchant for taking off her top, not that I'm complaining. In fact I think that it's downright humanitarian of her to share her teetons so much with the world. She owns her body and flaunts it. What's wrong with that? Nothing. I celebrate your womanhood. 

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I watched that Chelsea show on Netflix and it's pretty friggin good. Chelsea is funny and it's very insightful and apparently now she's taking her clothes off. That's quality programming. 


Photo Credit: "Chelsea" Netflix