Chiara Ferragni’s Nip Slip At Film Premiere Reveals A Surprise…

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earl-jonas - September 5, 2019


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If you've never heard of Chiara Ferragni, then honestly, you're kind of alone. The Italian fashion blogger has over 17 million followers on Instagram, and is famous for, like, posting pictures of herself or something. She's a maverick. A vixen. An entrepreneur. And her tit is very much so out in these pics from the Venice Film Festival.

Chiara was on hand to debut the new documentary about her exciting life - Chiara Ferragni - Unposted - and while she's most famous for her fashion, it's what's under the dress that's making a splash. The thirty-two-year-old's perky hard nipple slips out from her elegant black dress, and the best part is that she's hiding a nip piercing. She doesn't seem like the type. Guess you can't judge a boob by its cover. Anyway now we're wondering if we should join her 17 million-strong Insta army. Jk. Why do that when we have these...

Photo Credit: MEGA