Chiara Scelsi Topless Uniform Peeks

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michael-garcia - September 6, 2016

Italian spicy meatball Chiara Scelsi got hot without her top in some uniforms for Lui Magazine. There is something about a woman in uniform that is ultra sexy. Think about nurses or lady cops, there is an added wow factor because of their uniforms. Of course, most nurses don't look like Chiara. She spills out of these outfits with that incredible body of hers. She's got a set of knockers on her that makes a man want to join the Navy if that is what it really takes to seduce her, much like the dude in the pictures. You also get to see her perfectly round booty that looks good enough to gnaw on for an hour or two. You also see the top of her lady mound in a couple of the pics, like the really hot one where she's wearing a corset. I appreciate that there is still some grass on the playing field. 

Italian girls are so hot, y'all. When I went to Italy I was floored by how sexy the women there are. I should really start learning Italian. 


Photo Credit: Lui Magazine