Christina Aguilera’s Nipples are Unstoppable

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bill-swift - September 18, 2007

It will take more than just a flimsy piece of white cotton to keep Christina Aguilera's nipples well and truly covered, especially considering that they will soon be put to use for more than just entertaining Christina's doofus husband.

Of course, there's still no official word on whether or not Christina Aguilera is actually pregnant, but if her belly isn't enough of a clue for you, just look at her face. Her cheeks are getting bigger by the day, and from the looks of it, she's using the entire make-up section at Bloomingdales to try and cover them up.

But back to Christina Aguilera's nipples for a second. Do you think she took out her nipple rings now that she has a kid on the way? I'm pretty sure that nipple rings and breast feeding don't go well together. At least not when the kid starts teething. Ouch.

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Photo credit: Flynet