Coco Austins New Lingerie Line

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brian-mcgee - September 1, 2017

I'm sure that Coco Austin is a tastemaker and any chance we get to drink in her curvalicious body in skimpy lingerie is one we should take. These pictures, however, reek of faux elegance. Leopard print throws, leather everything, wait is that snake skin? It feels like Velvet Jones should be narrating these lingerie ads.

I hope that Coco sells a ton of lingerie and gets all the riches that are coming to her, but I hope she fires whomever dreamed up these various scenarios. They're among the more ridiculous things I've ever seen, like a fine living ad from 1978. The only thing missing is the stench of stale cigarettes of which those throw pillows must reek. And maybe a Courvoisier stain on the carpet.

Might I suggest that the next photo shoot take place in front of a plain black backdrop? That would be perfect as it wouldn't distract or detract from any of the natural beauty on display in Coco's lingerie pics. Simple elegance is the way to go sometimes. I sincerely hope I don't find out that these were taken by Ice T because then he's gonna track me down and break my knuckles.  

Photo Credit: Splash News