Cora Keegan Gets Naked

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michael-garcia - September 7, 2016

Sexy Cora Keegan took off all of her clothes in this hot photo spread. The photographer looks like he drew on some of the pictures, like fairy wings and stuff. But that doesn't distract from the hotness of Cora's naked flesh. Cora has some delightful perkies with slightly upturned nipples. I love that look. It's like they are up to some mischief or something. I love giant funbags, of course, (who doesn't?), but sometimes you want something more manageable. She's slender, our Cora, but she's also got a really nice booty on her. I can't stand it when a woman is sexy all over but then has no butt. It's such a let down. It's like going down to unwrap your presents Christmas morning and finding sox or underwear under the tree.

Cora is super sexy, though. I wouldn't mind settling down with a girl like Cora, raising 2.5 kids out in the suburbs as long as I had a go on those milk puppies every night. 


Photo Credit: Michael Ngo