Cora Keegan Topless In Lingerie

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bill-swift - February 25, 2016

I know. I know. I'm in lust with every amazingly good looking woman who happens to be topless in lingerie and showing off her spectacular funbags. So shoot me. Shoot me with a whole lot of Cora Keegan, the alt-blonde sextastic model who goes au natural and wicked hot and showy in her photos.

In her latest bout of awesome visuals from Jason Lee Parry, Cora shows the archetypal allure of the bad girl in the desert with a gun and a broken down car. I don't know, it's archetypal for me. Kind of like she's Bonnie and I'm Clyde, only Bonnie knows a whole bunch of naughty tricks that render us more as exhaustive love making partners than partners in crime. Unless crime and honey-base sodomy is a crime. It might be. I should look that up. Cora, that gun isn't loaded is it? The rest of you certainly is. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jason Lee Parry