CORRECTIONS AND CLARIFICATIONS: Tessa Thompson Is Also A Very Hot Naked Bisexual

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earl-jonas - June 4, 2019

In the 11th hour of the workday yesterday I limped to the barn with the ten hottest lesbians nude just in time for Pride Month. Except for some of the actresses actually identify as bisexual instead of lesbian, and I completely forgot about one of the hottest and nudest bi-sexy starlets of them all - Tessa Thompson, and the post has already received two sad emoji reactions, probably from Russian bots. And would I do it all again? Of course.



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So basically to set the record straight, the gorgeous nude women from yesterday's post fall somewhere under the LGBTQ umbrella, and also Tessa Thompson - who's gone nude probably more times than you think (in Westworld, Dear White People, Sorry to Bother You, and Copper) is extremely sexy, and should replace one of the actresses. Jodie Foster. Hit the bench.

Images courtesy of Mr. Skin