Could Miluniel and Viviane Really Have Natural Boobs That Are THIS Perfect?

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earl-jonas - June 28, 2019


I don't care if a woman has real or fake breasts, and I'm terrible at spotting the difference in the first place, but with that said, we need to give Mother Nature credit when credit is due. When she whips up a perfect pair - or possibly two perfect pairs in the case of this steamy Playboy Plus spread featuring Miluniel and Viviane - we need to take a second and give thanks to her and Boob God and anyone else watching over us. #blessed

Miluniel and Viviane both have awesome tits. Hands down. And to me they look real. Which would mean we're getting a hell of a lot of perfection in one photoshoot. The dynamic duo hop into a jeep to go for a ride, but not before adjusting their wardrobe for the weather. It's hot out. And these clothes are so sticky. So M&V help peel each other out of their tops and Daisy Dukes until we see their smooth asses, bushular regions, and of course tittays. Are they natural? Medically-assisted? Does it matter? Let us know.

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