Courtnie Quinlan Topless For Page 3

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bill-swift - July 1, 2016

I don't have a Babe-o-Meter. My last one broke and it wasn't under warranty. But if I did have such a device, it would swing right into the red for Courtnie Quinlan. The Britty styled brunette glamour model has spun my spokes since the day we first feasted peeps upon her minxy hot body and that thing she does whatever it is that some girls do that make you want to runaway with them. I'd say also quit your job, but I can never leave Egotastic, it's my Hotel California.

Courtnie's latest work for Page 3 features the beauty in and out of her bikini, with both being rather stellar, though I'd obviously be lying if I didn't mention her epic orbs make me want to build a boat, sails across the Atlantic, and only then start the motorboat inboards and outboards. Courtnie, you inspire a man to greatness. I mean, after he's able to leave his bathroom and get something done. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Page 3