Cybergirl Of The Month Barbara Desiree Flamenco Striptease

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bill-swift - March 15, 2016

Go Cleveland! Native daughter of the Lake Barbara Desiree was selected as the Cybergirl of the month on PlayboyPlus and we just had to celebrate by providing naked photos of her because that's just how we celebrate around here. Cakes are so last millennium. Also funbags won't rot your teeth, unless you're playing with them wrong. And my what a body Barbara has on her. I'd need two hands, two feet, and some borrowed grasping devices just to work through my Top 10 wish list with her stellar female form.

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Whilst Playboy magazine goes the way of the family friendly, PlayboyPlus and Playboy.TV continue with plans to only grow the model skin and full frontal reveals well into the future. A vacuum has been created and it's sucking in all the naked hotties such as Barbara Desiree. I need to get me one of those vacuums. My Hooever barely ingests the dander of my pet lion cub, Ballsy. Barbara, you and that hat and nothing else are simply killing me. Oh, you can leave your hat on. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus