Daisy Lea No Underwear In Super Short Dress

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michael-garcia - June 7, 2016

Daisy Lea wore a dress that is so short that you can literally see her vagina. Some would say that if you are going to wear a dress that only goes to your crotch that it is important to also wear underwear. But Daisy is not bound by your conventional attitudes towards letting it all hang out. As much as I love some nice cleavage, I do like a nice view of the golden palace between a woman's thighs. Usually you only get a tiny and fleeting glance, but luckily Daisy was kind enough to really let us have a gander. She's shaved too so there is really nothing obstructing the view. I wonder if she felt a draft?

This may be the best pic I've seen today. Maybe all week. You go, Daisy. Don't let anyone stop you from you being you. 

Photo Credit: FameFlynet