Darya Scherbakova Topless Furniture Shopping

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brian-mcgee - June 17, 2017

I've never been to Russia, but they apparently have some nice furniture stores. And when I say that they have nice furniture stores, I mean the kind of furniture stores where a photographer can roll in with Darya Scherbakova topless and take some snaps during business hours. That's a really nice furniture store, if you ask me.

Perhaps this furniture store isn't in Russia, but between Darya's name and the photographer's name (Dmitry Besov), I'm just jumping to conclusions. Maybe they hit up an Art Van Furniture here in the States or maybe even a Darvin, I'm not sure, but I doubt this is the U.S. This seems like a uniquely Russian tradition of going furniture shopping and being guaranteed you'll see Darya Scherbakova topless. The closest guarantee we have in a furniture store here in America is that you can be guaranteed to enjoy some Swedish meatballs while browsing in an IKEA. 

Everyone's talking about Russia these days, but the one thing no one mentions in any of those discussions is their supremely nice furniture stores. Perhaps seeing Darya Scherbakova nude in a furniture store will be just the thing we need to turn this narrative around. Enjoy!

All images credited to Dmitry Besov