Deisy Leon Nude but Not Nude Enough!

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Tex Hollywood - March 24, 2020

I wouldn't go as far as to say that Deisy Leon is a never nude, considering this shoot is her nude, but I will say that they have managed to do a nude shoot with no vagina in it, despite the fact that her vagina probably should be visible.

I am not against the implied nudity, unless the implied nudity is created by the vagina being erased in photoshop. I find it weird.

So unless Deisy Leon is a Barbie doll with no genitals, this shoot makes no sense.

I wonder if the no genitals was at the request of the model, in a "I'll do this, but I'm not that kind of girl", because if it was, someone should let her know she IS that kind of girl. What kind of girl is that? An amazing one, I mean look at her she's naked on the internet. What's not to like besides showing her vagina.

I am not sitting her needing to see her vagina like some kind of pervert, I just find it a little off-putting. That's all.


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