Dioni Tabbers Black And White Topless

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bill-swift - July 14, 2016

I'm perhaps in the minority here, but I happen to heartily lust hot Dutch models who favorite the topless exhibitionist photo shoots. Perhaps not so alone. When it comes to models like Dioni Tabbers, you have one ridiculously hot tall and lean luscious female form who gladly removes her clothes as directed by the photographer. You can't get that kind of simple request follow in North America where topless is still akin in many mind to mass destruction and moral chaos. Oh, that someday that might change. I'd happily go out of business.

In this Jurij Treskow shoot, the divinely boobtastic Dioni purses her dark lipsticked puckers and makes some hot body magic. We don't ask for much us gentlemen oglers. Just a hot topless woman and a cold glass of milk. And we could easily skip the milk. It's gratuitous, but naughty. Dioni, I cast upon you a thousand blessings for the million men you're making happy today. I know this is no big deal for you. But for all of us, we're seem to be getting much bigger. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jurij Treskow