DJ Mariana Castillo Naked in Playboy Mexico

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bill-swift - April 25, 2016

If you happen to like Spanish language DJ's from South of the Border with giant racks appearing naked in magazines, you will jump on the Mariana Castillo bandwagon of boobtastic. It's fairly well documented that DJing is an entirely trumped up fancy of an occupation. Which is fine, But if you're going to make up jobs and actually pay people for those jobs, nature dictates they ought be incredibly alluring women who look amazing in tight sweaters. Like Mercedes dealer receptionists. And now DJ's thanks to Mariana.

The buxom Mexican TV and music playing star took off her clothes for Playboy Mexico which still very much indulges in the visual arts of nudity and sweet hot all over female form goodness. Outside of the U.S., you don't wait for your nude photos to be leaked if you want to be famous, you get that process going yourself. So much more noble and upfront. And just look at Mariana's upfronts. Nothing subtle about this woman. Sex sells, it also makes for a better DJ. If I'm paying somebody big bucks to play music at my party, I'm going with Mariana Castillo. See the music. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Playboy Mexico