Do You Think Chloe Rose’s Piercing Was Painful?

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earl-jonas - May 14, 2019


South African seductress Chloe Rose is one sweet lady with some sweet natural breasts and a sweet butt to boot. She posed - or more like writhed - for Playboy in this super sexy spread, but I can't help but wonder if her vaginé piercing was painful. I don't even have a vaginé and yet looking at it gives me phantom vaginé and that phantom vaginé is in agony. Thankfully Chloe is far more stoic than myself. She says of her flawless body:

What I love most about my body are my lips, my waist, breasts, and face.

And of her time with Playboy Plus:

My personal experience with Playboy has been great! I feel really blessed and excited to be able to shoot in my motherland. I don’t remember exactly when the first time I heard about Playboy was, but I thought, wow these women are so confident in their naked bodies and known all over the world.

You're a star now baby. And if you can endure the pain of that piercing, you can endure everything Hollywood throws are you now that you've made it.

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