Don’t Pass By Roadside Attraction Britt Linn’s Butch Vibes And Creamy Thighs

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aldo-vallon - October 14, 2018

With the way Britt Linn is rocking that pompadour I think I finally understand the attraction that women had for Elvis when he was in his prime. There is so much sexiness radiating from her scantily clad body that I cannot even bring myself to complain about the state that truck is in. Although I will say she should be careful with having so much skin exposed to all of that rust. That truck is a landmine for tetanus, and if Britt keeps rubbing herself all over it like a dog with worms she is going to be sure to find.

I wonder how many babies have been made in the back of that truck? I’d say less than fifteen. Trucks like that tend to be held onto by the owner, so that means there were only a couple a handful of people who had access to it. So accounting for the few adventurous teenagers that are willing to have sex anywhere they can, I think my guess is pretty close. Now, had this truck instead been an old Honda Civic I would have increased that number by a factor of four.


Photo Credit: Playboy Plus