Dora Madison Nipple Peek On Instagram

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aldo-vallon - January 16, 2019

What is with the modernization of witches? They used to be old hags with hooked noses, but now they are sexy as all hell. How can we be expected to save of our children from the dark arts when we have everyone in pop culture making it look so damn attractive?

If witches had looked like that when I was a kid then there is no way that I would have survived. The voice in my head that expresses good judgment is already pretty quiet, so I doubt it would have had the pipes necessary to stop me from following a witch like Dora Madison into the woods.

What I want to know is why witches are obsessed with eating children? Is it just because they are weak and easily overpowered, or are they legitimately more delicious? Because I am fine with it being the first part, but I take offense if it is the second. I take great pride in my hygiene and staying relatively fit. I am basically marinating myself with delicious smelling body wash. How could that not entice a witch to at least be tempted enough to try me?




Photo Credit: Instagram