Désirée Coco Topless on the Bed

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aldo-vallon - August 25, 2017

 I do not know much about Desiree Coco, other than she has a rocking bod and a classy ass name. Some of my favorite people have the nickname Coco. There is Conan O'Brien, who is almost impossible to not like, similar to Tom Hanks. Then there is Joey 'Coco' Diaz, the Cuban sensation. He is a little abrasive so I guess I should throw someone else in there who has a bit of class. I guess Coco Chanel is the best I can do in that department, it is a rather shallow talent pool to choose from. I think there is a gorilla named Coco, or something, but I guess that really does not apply here. 

What is semi-relevant is my ability to properly make an exquisite bed. With the way she is rolling around in it, it is sure to be trashed. By the time I am done with it the sheets will be so tight you could not only bounce a quarter off of it, but also skip a frisbee. It will be perfect for the next time Desiree feels like writhing around in them for no discernible reason.  

Photo Credit: David Glauso