Dua Lipa’s See Through Bra

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Echo Lawrence - March 24, 2020

Dua Lipa the legend of underage Youtuber that had millions of pervs watch her videos on repeat, which allowed her to get a record deal, and become a hit star at the top of the charts, at least I assume she is at the top of the Charts. I don't really follow the Dua Lipa career besides knowing she is a trendsetter and people follow what she does and one of the thing she does is free the nipple! Whether braless in shirts, or in this sheer bra, her nipples have been put out to the universe and we're here to stare at them. What else do we have to do being on self isolation, it's not like we are going to listen to her music, we are't that bored.

Dua Lipa See Through Nipples


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