Ekaterina Zueva Strip Down

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michael-garcia - August 31, 2016

Russian hottie Ekaterina Zueva got completely buck ass naked in this sexy photo spread. In the beginning, the slender model wears some sexy black lingerie. Then she strips down to her birthday suit. You can see everything in these pics. We start off with her luscious melons that look good enough to friggin' eat. They are totally amazing. She's slender but she's definitely got the curves in the right places. Then you have her superb booty. I just want to nuzzle my face in those cheeks and go to sleep. You can also see her garden of Earthly delights. She's shaved and smooth as Kojak's head. Only, you know, sexier than Telly Savalas. 

Ekaterina is really something spectacular. According to her Instagram she's really into yoga. That means she's super flexy. Think about that. 


Photo Credit: Boris Bugaev