Ekaterina Zueva Is A Topless Hottie

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michael-garcia - September 21, 2016

Russian beauty Ekaterina Zueva takes it all off for your viewing pleasure. Ekaterina starts out in some skimpy lingerie including a white g-string that gives us a nice view of her unbelievable booty. I'm a jugs man myself, but that booty is getting my pressure up. Luckily, she's also got a pair of incredibly supple lady mounds that make me very happy in my swimsuit area. Ekaterina has got a ridiculous body. Girls as hot as Ekaterina are hard to find, much less finding a girl that looks like her that's also willing to get naked. That's like finding a unicorn in a gumdrop field. She's slender but has curves in all the right places. She makes me want to paint her portrait. Not that I can paint. It would look like a stick figure with huge ta-tas but whatever, art is subjective. 

In some of the pictures it looks like Ekaterina is pleasuring herself a little bit. You're welcome. 


Photo Credit: Dmitry Boykov