Eliana Franco Sexy Topless Photoshoot for La Revolucion (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 29, 2010

If Simon Bolivar were alive today, well, he'd be erect in his grave watching the sexy re-creation of the Bogota uprising as staged in dramatic fashion by our friends at Soho magazine and the amazingly sexy Latina, Eliana Franco. According to this interpretation, hot, big-boobed Colombian women played a vital role in standing up to Colonial forces as Colombia and surrounding nations fought for independence from their European governors. Now, I only know the U.S. version of this story, and I can tell you that I never imagined Martha Washington or Martha Jefferson (or any Martha for that matter) to look as sultry and sexy as Eliana Franco. Maybe the British would have backed off sooner at the sight of ridiculously hot equatorial fun bags; I know it's got me in quite the surrendering mode here. Enjoy.