Elin Has The Best Tight-Bod-To-Big-Boobs Ratio Ever

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earl-jonas - August 8, 2019

There's something about a woman with a tight little spinner bod and big luscious breasts that really does it for me. I guess I'm just a quirky guy like that. When not procured through plastic surgery, those proportions are a rare find, but Elin from Playboy Plus is here to deliver. She gets super cozy in her boudoir as she sexily undresses out of her white linterie. Pretty soon we're face-to-boob with one of the nicest pairs we've seen on here in a while. Elin is just so smooth all around, and she has a great ass to boot. But really, today is allll about those boobies. Elin states of her unique personality:

I love to travel.

A mystery wrapped inside a riddle. Who ARE you Elin?

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