Elisabeth Pecherska Puts the Sweetness in, Stirs it With a Spoon

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brian-mcgee - December 1, 2017

Is there anything better than a lazy Sunday, just kicking around the house with the lady you love, in no particular hurry to do much of anything? The answer is no. Looking over these pictures of Elisabeth Pecherska appearing to do just that has got me nostalgic for those days when such Sundays were possible. 

The absolute perfect song for lounging around the house in seductive clothing on a lazy Sunday is prog rock legends Yes' 1969 single, "Sweetness." As you listen to this tune on another two-fer Jukebox Selects day, picture Elisabeth doing all of the stuff she's doing in this house but in your house with this Yes classic blaring on the stereo.

How I long for the days when a Sunday spent doing absolutely nothing was a Sunday well spent. Were I lucky enough to be able to lounge for just one day with Elisabeth Pecherska, I would hope it would be a Sunday. And that it would look a lot like these pictures. And that somewhere, Jon Anderson would be crooning, "She puts the sweetness in, and stirs it with a spoon." Pure bliss.

Photo Credit: Photographer Rutam Rane For B-Authentique