Elizabeth Elam Topless In The Studio

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michael-garcia - September 1, 2016

Professional hot person Elizabeth Elam got topless in a studio in this sultry shoot. Elizabeth is wearing a bra at the start, just chilling around the studio, like you do. If photoshoots are to be believed then women regularly just hang around all day in the underwear. They say a photo should tell a story, then this story tells of a girl who lost her top and brought out her funbags. Maybe she was hot. Whatever the reason, I'm glad she did it. Elizabeth has a healthy and plentiful pair of jugs. She has the kind of hooters that you want to motorboat until dawn and then take her out for a pancake breakfast. At least, that's the scenario I imagine in my head. 

What an amazing pair of melons she has! Her jubblies should be dipped in plaster and made into a bronze cast in a museum. That's because natural or not, they are a work of art. 


Photo Credit: Andrew Miller