Ella Weisskamp Up Close, Personal, and Topless

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brian-mcgee - May 16, 2017

As a society, I feel like we like zooming out to see the big picture. This new photoset featuring the gorgeous Ella Weisskamp, however, challenges us to see the beauty in an up close and personal picture, and that's not a problem at all, especially when you consider how many close up pictures of Ella's nipples there are among these photos.

There's nothing more that most of us would love than one picture that includes both Ella's face and breasts, but there's really no point in picking nits. While it would be amazing to have at least one picture of Ella's full body, I can't shun the rest of the beauty on display for such petty desires. These pictures really allow us to zoom in and focus on the simple beauty of a breast, a nipple, or a tongue perched precariously between her supple lips.

While the urge to want more is only human, I encourage you to see past those base urges and look at the up close and personal beauty on display in these pictures. I think we all prefer macro over micro when it comes to nude pictures, but this is one time we can all make an exception! Enjoy! 

Images via Aris Jerome