Ellen Page Topless For ‘Into The Forest’

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bill-swift - June 27, 2016

All good things come to those who wait. And beg and pray and grovel. It doesn't hurt. And I believe in some small way has something to do with finally seeing the delightfully thespianic X-Men hottie Ellen Page topless in her new indie flick, Into the Forest. This is Ellen's first topless scene in the movies where you can actually see her sweet heaving bosom. And while she's gone deep into flannels and giant jackets since announcing her Sapphic leanings publicly, that doesn't do anything to the underlying fun part beneath. Nor her desire to bare her wares as the heavily dramatic part demands. And it demands.

While this particular cinematic venture isn't really up my alley despite the incestuous moments and Ellen's own topless work, I must applaud the efforts of the filmmakers who find books or scripts that involve Ellen Page taking off her clothes and turn them into low budget features. It's the most benevolent of gestures. Now, excuse me while I lock myself into my fun closet for some private leering. I've been waiting a long time for this. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: 'Into The Forest' Elevation Pictures