Ellen Page Topless In ‘Tallulah’

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michael-garcia - August 1, 2016

Juno is all grown up in these topless screengrabs from Ellen Page's new film Tallulah. It looks like it's a pretty steamy sex scene in which Page bares it all. Tallulah looks to be one of those indie movies where unhappy people have lots of wild, naked sex. I've been a fan of Ellen's yum yums since back in the Juno days. They are pretty much perfect with slightly upturned nipples. It makes the ta-tas look like they are super fun and down to clown. Ellen is in good shape and I'm sure the rest of her looks just as good as her luscious yabbos. 

I wonder why they never made a Juno 2? Where she inevitably drops out of Oberlin and does to work at and independent coffee shop as a snarky barista. I'd pay to see that. 


Photo Credit: 'Tallulah' Maiden Voyage