Ellie Gonsalves Pierced And Topless

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bill-swift - January 6, 2016

Oooh. Ellie Gonsalves topless? Sweet baby Jesus, yes! I mean, for the love of F look at her! Look at those two perfect funbags! OK, I'll calm down, but I seriously find Ellie exciting. She's one of those exotic beauties that are so striking that if you saw her on the street you'd get whiplash from whipping your head to look at her again. Her chichis are unbelievably gorgeous. They are perfectly round. You could make a rubber mold out of them and make two basketballs. To top off these perfect ta-tas, she's got a single piercing. I'm not big on piercings usually, but for some reason on Ellie it just works.

You've got to love Treats Magazine. They know how to do nudity right. 

Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine