Emilie Payet Futuristic Gloves are the Last Thing You’ll Notice!

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Tex Hollywood - March 6, 2020

Not all babes are famous, but that doesn't matter, because basing someone's relevance on social media followers seems pretty ridiculous, even though that's what everyone seems to do. Hopefully that is just a trend and not the future, because so much good talent, like this, will get lost in the clutter and eventually give up on trying because they will need to get a real job.

That's not to say this model doesn't make a living as a model. I don't know much about her, I just know her name isn't household.

Her name, however, is Emilie Payet and this is her INSATAGRAM where you can follow all of her nude work, which seems to be a lot of nude work.

The more girls like this doing it themselves and doing it better than the celebrities, the less valuable celebrities become and the more chance you have in dating them.

So support and encourage the independent model at least when they are as hot as this! Sure it's high concept / black and white, but this girl is incredible!!


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