Emilie Payet Nude Around the House

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aldo-vallon - August 11, 2017

 Emily Payet is taking her viewers on a trip across time as she seems determined to try out a look from every iconic time period she can cram into one photo shoot. I managed to place four, but I may have made up three of them. Fashion history was never a strong subject for me, I only took it for the ladies I was promised to get. It was on that day I discovered just how meaningless a promise is.  

I am digging the fluffy shirt she is sporting, Unlike Jerry Seinfeld, she had the courage to bring back the pirate look that no one else seemed capable of doing, and in my humble opinion, she succeeded with flying colors. Who could have known all that was needed to pull off the look of a fluffy shirt was for there to be a perfect nip peeking out? Boobs always have this weird way of making even the most ridiculous styles look tolerable. If I saw a man wearing a shirt like that, while somehow managing to make his nips visible, I would have to use all my years of anger management training to not attack him. But with Emily I do not have that problem. Weird how that works.

Photo Credit: Tina Trumpp