Emilie Payet Topless Hottie

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bill-swift - July 6, 2016

If you happen to dig crazy hot Indian models with their sweet melons exposed for a world of good feelings, then you're going to want to dive head first in this delicious visual expression of Emilie Payet in Off the Rails magazine. We've seen Emilie before, but each time is a new and distracting journey into the world of sultry skinned exotic pruriency.

Perhaps not exotic if you live in India, but for those of us who see sadly too few examples of blessedly sextastic subcontinent women on the pages of our magazines and on our TV screens, a true shot in the arm and other appendages. Emilie, I do believe I'm in lust. Do those funbags come in a travel size? Please come see me soon. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Off The Rails Magazine