Emily Ratajkowski Halloween Pasties

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aldo-vallon - October 31, 2017

 It is a welcomed relief to see that some things in our society still have not changed. With our increasingly politically correct culture it seems like nothing is sacred and Halloween has had a target on its back for some time. This day has been and should always be a time for women to be able to dress their skankiest while being free from lasting ridicule or a permanent slut branding. I find this amnesty to be a beautiful thing, amongst a sea of women revealing their beautiful things. I find have such little to live for that I do not know what I would do, or what men like me would do, if this was to be taken away from me. The pastie industry alone would take such a devastating hit that I do not believe it could ever recover from. It is not as if St. Patrick's Day is capable of picking up all that slack.

These are the kinds of rights we need to be uniting behind to protect. The cultural puritans will take everything from us if we let them. A world where Emily Ratajkowski is not free to paste over her nipples to enjoy a night out is not a world I want to live in.     



Photo Credit: Instagram