Emily Ratajkowski Knows Her Angles!

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Echo Lawrence - May 25, 2020

Emily Ratajkowski has always been a bit of a joke to me. I mean she's a topless model who somehow convinced the world that she was an influencer and by somehow I mean with her big boobs!

She has consistently been in various states of nude for the last 6 or 7 years since instagram made her a very rich woman, and we've clicked the bait and baited to the click even if she hasn't been really that compelling.

There has been a lot of pics of her naked, of her boobs and no matter how many fashion weeks she attended, she was really just that level of celebrity. Shameless. Not a bad thing, still a hot thing, but when it comes with an ego or if it doesn't realize it's not as important as it thinks it is, it becomes a weird dynamic.

In trying to legitimize herself, she's tried to convin e people she's more than just large breasts and big lips, but also a booty. She has really tried to have an ass and I guess with COVID as she pushes 30 she's gained weight in places she's been trying to gain wait since she started. Girls always want what they can't have, so now that she's fattened up, she wants you to have it too.

This is her really inspiring, meaningful, thoughtful Memorial Day video of "Look I have an ass that jiggles".

Pretty trashy, pretty sleazy, pretty weird but it happened!


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