Emma Glover Hot Topless and Already in Bed

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bill-swift - April 19, 2017

Color me a huge Emma Glover fan. Guilty as charged. I go where my blood flow takes me, and more often than not, that is the sweltering hot brunette ladies of the British isles who have moved of late into athletic wear as a means to a striptease end.

For those of you who wonder and opine as to how life might be with a sextastic buxom girlfriend who likes to roll around in the sheets topless for the sheer love of her own hot body, let's assume it's as awesome as it sounds. I've even agreed to try the lifestyle. All I need now is for Emma to respond to one of my nine hundred or so letters describing how our passions might be translated into physical animation and entanglements. I included pictures to simply the process. The British mail must be slow because I'm not seeing any responses. Soonish I expect. Emma, a man can only wait for so long with that body of yours. Though I'm prepared to tough it out four lifetimes or so. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Only-Sportswear