Emma Glover Super Hot Striptease

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michael-garcia - August 9, 2016

Sexy Emma Glover did a hot strip show for us for May Contain Girl. Emma begins her journey of hot nakedness by showing us some underboob and panties. Under normal circumstances this would be enough to satisfy, but then she takes her top off and we get the full view of her gargantuan funbags. These things are huge. They create their own gravity and pull in other smaller ta-tas to orbit around them. Seriously, these things are the stuff dreams are made of. She's also got a tremendous booty that she shows off in a pair of blue panties. Her booty is highly smackable. You see it and you just want to give it a lovable slap. But you probably shouldn't. That's how people get sued.

Emma is an exemplary hottie. All ladies who model topless should aspire to be more like Emma. WWEGD? 


Photo Credit: May Contain Girl