Emma Glover Topless Garden Bubbly Boobtastic

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bill-swift - February 1, 2017

In times of feeling blue, I ever turn to the luscious lass body of Emma Glover. Then I feel even more blue, but at least the color is more anatomically focused and logical to be understood, though never fully treated sadly. Emma simply has those funbags of a medicine woman. A healer by trait, her teats her bag of panaceas.

Emma took to the garden for her latest round of gazing gifting to the men who would have her as their bride for at least one glorious wedding night. When her bikini tops come off, it's like time standstill and there's just you and Emma's sweet udders calling out for a motorboating session that would impress the gods. I'm game if you are, Emma. Technically, that's not an if-then statement. I'm game either way. It's winter over here, Ms. Glover. Come and keep me warm with a helpful smothering of your smatterings? Please. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Emma Glover