Emma Glover Topless Gym Workout

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bill-swift - April 6, 2017

Sometimes you need a little inspiration in life. Might I recommend a healthy dose of Emma Glover stripping out of her sports bra at the boxing gym. Okay, granted, this isn't a real workout, it's entirely posed. I'm still willing to head into the fantasy of watching the boobtastic Brit take some sweaty punches at the bag and decide she might have better form with her funbags unleashed.

Emma has been creating smiles and tingles for many years now with her brunette good looks and those outstandingly sized chest puppies she freely shares for the love of visual wonderment. Someday they'll re-organize this whole saint thing into a more practical evaluation checklist and lovely lasses such as Emma will be seen as holy. Let's see, you made one hundred million men feel quite happy. That's got to be worth something. In my book, it's worth everything. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Emma Glover Official