Emma King Beautiful Naked Nordic Female Siren

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bill-swift - January 1, 2016

Emma King is gorgeous and Swedish and someday will be my fifth very unhappy wife, the one I have when I own the NBA team and drive a vintage dune buggy. It's going to be great, even the first year of our nuptials.

But that's the then and this is the now. The crazy hot Nordic model all kinds of bare asstastic naked for Yume Magazine, because, well because the sextastic can't be contained, it can't even be controlled, so just find the most appropriate outlet for everyone to see and snap away. Oh, Emma, you and that body of yours ought to be beatified in the church of Egotastic. There is so much yum in those there parts. You're straight out of a Game of Thrones types warriors prize, but savvy enough to know a blogger with potential when you see him. Let's do naughty thing to each other until the police who come to arrest us are too embarrassed to cuff us. Sweet lady. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Yume Magazine