Erica Candice’s Turkey Timers Are Popping Off In Stunning Spread

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earl-jonas - June 12, 2019

Turkey timers - or long pronounced hard nips if yo nasty - are a rare and welcomed sighting in the nude modeling world. If Playboy Plus was Pokémon, Erica Candice would be the rarest of them all. She has an adorable face, insanely tight bod, perfect butt, and hot natural boobs. But what really sets her apart are her amazing long nips that are just begging to be played with. For her sultry Playboy Plus spread, Candice heads to a swanky condo in New York City to take in the breathtaking views of her domain. And it is her domain. As far as the eye can see. Because when you have boobs like those, the world is yours.

Photos courtesy of Playboy Plus