Escape To Someplace Sexy And Romantic With Full-Breasted Babe Brooke Berry

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aldo-vallon - June 7, 2018

I hate seeing a person abuse a pool cue in such a flagrant fashion. It is like she has no idea how important it is that a pool stick be perfectly straight. If I needed to hit a ball with a stick that had a slight bend to the left then I would use my dick. But a pool game in a dive bar is sacred. A lot can be riding on it and the outcome should not come down to the equipment that one is using.

If I saw a woman like Brooke Berry doing the same things to a pool table that she is doing here I would…Well, I would probably pay a butch lesbian to teach her a thing or two. I still have a few standards left to me after all, and physically assaulting a woman is still in the no-go zone.

After the lesbian got done with her though I would offer my shoulder to cry on and say it was not that big of a deal. We all make mistakes, what is important is that we learn from these experiences and NEVER DO IT AGAIN!


Photo Credit: Playboy Plus