Eva Biechy Butt Naked in Bed

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bill-swift - April 26, 2016

P Magazine has a knack for finding the world's most alluring up and coming au natural millennial models and featuring them in various states of naked in their own bedrooms and around their humble abodes. A little taste and tickle of what it might be like to be dating one of these stellar photographer favorite models with foreign accents and absolutely no concern with posing in their birthday suits rolling around the sheets. In other words, perfect.

French model Eva Biechy is their latest and greatest organically sextastic and fiendishly hot model to hang out naked in her boudoir and show off her petite sweet female form in all of its glory. This isn't just titillation, this is an all-over form of passion inducement. More than just a pretty face. Way more. Including all the fun parts that make the man's life or the Sapphic leaning life worth living. Eva, consider yourself on our radar. Also, printed out and posted to the ceiling over my bed. All my inspirational posters are there. Once Nike slogans, now just incredibly hot women. It's worked out much better. Enjoy

Photo Credit: P Magazine