Eva Biechy Naked in the NYC Skyline

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bill-swift - May 17, 2016

If you happen to dig super hot naked French models hanging out sans clothing in various urban skyline backdrops, you just might dig Eva Biechy, the hottie model d'jour for photographers, revealing her splendid female form without the obstruction of stupid clothing. I'd say Eva is just high up enough so as to not cause too many traffic accidents. I've never seen such sights in the Big Apple. Usually people climbing along the ledges are jumpers or hobos peeing. In either case, you want to make sure you step out of the way.

Eva is among those outstandingly hot bodied models who go completely au natural these days. No surgical enhancements, no starvation, just beautiful innocence that causes so much naughtiness in the minds of the gentleman oglers leering at her every funbag reveal. Really simple stunning. This is why man invented tall buildings. Or one big reason perhaps subconsciously in the least. Eva, may someday find yourself the mother of my eleven middle children. Though I'd hate to do anything adverse to that stellar body. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Mar Shirasuna