Eva Biechy Strips Down

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bill-swift - November 16, 2016

Oh, to be young and in love with a French girl who happens to be naked out on the rooftops and has the name Eva Biechy. We've seen tale of Eva's bare tail before, but this Nicolas Anguelov photoshoot must be her finest most faptastic hour. Imagine coming back to your mansard roofed flat to find this passion inducing topless bird in your window. Yes, I know this now passes the croissant as the best thing to ever comes out of France.

The move toward au natural naked modeling has brought forth a well-spring of emotions from deep inside my primordial goo. I do believe it is goo. It's certainly moving. I blame you and those twin funbags of deliciousness, Eva. Your body is a lethal weapon. Kill me now. Just promise to do it slowly and I promise not to haunt your panties drawer. Fingers crossed, naturally. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Nicolas Anguelov