Exclusive: Totally Free Full Length Video From Sex-Sharing Platform Lustery

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terence-chumbler - June 10, 2017

If you cast your minds back to earlier this year, you might just remember us introducing you to new video sharing platform Lustery, in which real couples can submit and share their own homemade sex videos directly with a like-minded (and equally horny) community.  

Well, fast forward just 3 months, and this innovative new wave of porn has gone from strength to strength. Boasting over 50,000 members and over 100 approved video submissions since it’s launch at the end of 2016, it’s clear that Lustery isn’t going away anytime soon.  

So, when they reached out to us and offered an exclusive free video for EgoAllStars readers, we thought who were we to deny you that! And if that’s not enticed you enough, this isn’t just any free video. Submitted by one of the most favourited couples on the site, Kim & Paolo, it’s an outdoor amateur video for the ages! (Look out for what happens at the end).

Click here to watch the full, NSFW video

It’s worth bearing in mind that this is just one of a whole host of rip roaringly good amateur porn videos coming out of sex-sharing platform Lustery. With new couples and videos added every week, it seems that more and more amateur couples are latching on to their inner voyeuristic tendencies, with Lustery is emerging as the perfect place to indulge in such temptations…Count me in.