Exploitation Flick Rondo Has Sweet VERY Full-Frontal Nudity And Good Reviews

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earl-jonas - June 12, 2019


Amazing gratuitous nudity and good reviews don't always go hand in hand when it comes to movies (although quite the opposite is true for television shows, just some food for thot) but thankfully Rondo is an exception. It has an okay 10 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and gets a great 80% Fresh rating from those reviews. Just the fact that it was reviewed at all is honestly a feather in its cap compared to most of the stuff we cover on here.



Rondo is currently available to rent on all of your favorite streaming platforms, and is about an Army veteran who is given an experimental drug to treat his PTSD. It ends up making him stronger and hornier than ever, and according to the official blurb on Rotten Tomatoes "opens a door to a world of sex, murder, and revenge."



Sex and murder are certainly evident in the flick's hot nude scenes. Young beauty Iva Nora is dead... sexy while sprawled out completely nude. We see her big boobs and even get an amazing peek at her lower lips. Brenna Otts doesn't go nude but she does look damn good in her black lingerie. Help me Rondo, help, help me Rondo... indeed.

Photo Credit: Rondo Movie